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Written by Mrs.Carol Anderson on 21. Sep, 2018
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Written by Susan on 28. Aug, 2018
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Written by Gwen Davies on 10. Apr, 2015
Hi Sam,
This is our girl "Miss Red" now "Red Winnie".
She is such a clever companion and receives compliments where ever she goes from her colour/nature - just gawgous :-)
She loves to play with water/hose, the cat- Wacky, and the broom...Little witchee lol. She truely is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you
Written by Bec Gardner on 12. Dec, 2014
Hi Sam,

This is our big girl "Vahda". She is a beautiful dog, loves lying in her blue shell pool to keep cool in our tropical weather. Her and out Ragdolls cat are best friends....who would have thought.

We love our blue baby!!!!

The Gardners
Written by Stuart Stephenson on 16. Aug, 2014
Hi Sam,
Thank you for such a great staffy! Lily (Miss Purple) has exceeded our expectations and she is proving to be a very smart bitch with great guard capabilities. Keep up the good work
Written by Kim on 21. Jul, 2014
Here is a recent photo of him waiting for his breakfast to be delivered.
Written by Kim on 20. Jul, 2014
Hi Sam,

Just wanted to let you know that PlatinumBlue War Relic earned his TD1 and TD2 tracking qualifications this weekend. He is such a great little worker!!!
Written by Casey on 17. Jun, 2014
Hey Sam,
Everywhere we go people always say how beautiful Zelda looks, she definitely is a princess. Getting a big girl now :-)
Thanks again Casey and Matt
Written by Danny on 20. Feb, 2014
Hi Sam
Here is a updated picture of Oscar.
Loves playing at the beach and chasing dogs at the dog park :)
Can't take him anywhere without people commenting on his colour/temperament.
Thanks again
Written by Michelle on 20. Sep, 2013
Hi Sam,
Here is an updated picture of our gorgeous boy Jackson. His personality is adorable and he is a stunner in looks. People often ask us where he was bred. As you know he is now a Dad, producing stunning pups. He is a very valued part of our family. Thanks again for our wonderful family member!!
Written by Kim on 22. Aug, 2013
Hi Sam,
Riley (War Relic) is settled in well and is energetic, fearless and very very friendly! There have been many comments about how good natured he is. The photo was taken by a friend's toddler when they were playing recently, he is great with kids!
Written by Mike and Lorelle on 10. Jun, 2013
Hi Sam

Hammer here , settled into my new home . Love chewing on shoes , pulling clothes off the clothes line , getting sprayed with the hose , chased by the cats !! All in all im having a great time
Written by Wade and Charmaine on 29. May, 2013
One more!
Written by Wade and Charmaine on 29. May, 2013
Another one
Written by Wade and Charmaine on 29. May, 2013
Happy Birthday Dolly
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