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Written by Kim on 22. Aug, 2013
Hi Sam,
Riley (War Relic) is settled in well and is energetic, fearless and very very friendly! There have been many comments about how good natured he is. The photo was taken by a friend's toddler when they were playing recently, he is great with kids!
Written by Mike and Lorelle on 10. Jun, 2013
Hi Sam

Hammer here , settled into my new home . Love chewing on shoes , pulling clothes off the clothes line , getting sprayed with the hose , chased by the cats !! All in all im having a great time
Written by Wade and Charmaine on 29. May, 2013
One more!
Written by Wade and Charmaine on 29. May, 2013
Another one
Written by Wade and Charmaine on 29. May, 2013
Happy Birthday Dolly
Written by s on 13. Apr, 2013
Thank you for including the beautiful images--so open to a sense of contemplation
Written by Wade and Charmaine on 5. Aug, 2012
Dear Sam,
As you can see from the photos Dolly has settled in really well with the family. She's so affectionate and is already learning to sit, stay, hop on her bed and wait for her command to eat.

Hummer really loves her and he's a lot more settled with her around which has been a bonus.

She suits her name because Candy, our daughter, treats her like a doll. She still snuggles into her blanket.

We couldn't be happier with her and want to thank you for being so particular with breed standards and temperament.

We love her so much, she's brought us so much joy.
Written by Lerida on 8. Jun, 2012
Hi Sam,love your pages and love looking at the pups...I am looking at buying a Blue Boy in the near future..
Written by Alexis on 11. Mar, 2012
Hey Sam,
you might not now me to well but we bought a dog from you and called her Tilly.She is adorable and very tough.
Written by Michael & Josefin on 24. Jul, 2011
Really cute pups! Do you have pups ready now? Or when is the next time you will have?

regards from Sweden, Michael & Josefin!
Written by Penny on 20. Feb, 2011
Nice chating to you, wow great pics, looking forward to seeing pups when they arrive next time Kind Regards
Written by Julie Ballard on 20. Feb, 2011
And Riley
Written by Julie on 20. Feb, 2011
Hi Sam
Riley (Dark Soldier) has fathered his first litter.
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